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💻 GitHub Repo

You can find the template here.


This template uses gatsby-theme-portfolio-minimal made by

🚀 Project Structure

├── content/
│   └── articles/
│   └── images/
│   └── sections/
│   └── settings.json
├── src/
│   └── pages/
├── static/
├── gatsby-config.js
└── package.json

🧞 Commands

All commands are run from the root of the project, from a terminal:

Command Action
yarn install Installs the project dependencies
yarn run develop Starts local dev server at localhost:3001
yarn run build Build your production site to ./public/
yarn run serve Preview your build locally, before deploying
yarn run clean Deletes the .cache and public directories

⚡ How to deploy to Fleek

1. Create a fleek.json config file:

You can configure this site deployment using Fleek CLI and running:

 > fleek sites init
   WARN! Fleek CLI is in beta phase, use it under your own responsibility
    ? Choose one of the existing sites or create a new one. › 
    ❯ Create a new site

It will prompt you for a namedist directory location & build command

  • name: How you want to name the site
  • dist: The output directory where the site is located, for this template it's public
  • build command: Command to build your site, this will be used to deploy the latest version either by CLI or Github Actions

2. Deploy the site

After configuiring your fleek.json file, you can deployt the site by running

fleek sites deploy

After running it you will get an output like this:

 WARN! Fleek CLI is in beta, use it at your own discretion
   > Success! Deployed!
   > Site IPFS CID: QmP1nDyoHqSrRabwUSrxRV3DJqiKH7b9t1tpLcr1NTkm1M

   > You can visit through the gateway:

Extra features

👀 Want to learn more?

Feel free to check Gatsby documentation.

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